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Leading the way for a decarbonized future

The need to mitigate climate change and limit the effects of global warming require significant and rapid emission reductions in all aspects of life.

We at Gasum can be proud of the speedy development we have generated in the Nordic gas sector over the recent years. By actively helping our customers decrease their emissions – be it by switching from coal to natural gas or by producing biogas from their waste – we are playing our part in helping societies move towards a carbon-neutral future.

The move towards cleaner fuels has not always been easy or fast enough, but thankfully we are moving in the right direction.

Thanks to tireless work throughout the Nordics, the role of gas in the heavy-duty transport and marine segments is constantly increasing. The symbiotic relationship between biogas and the circular economy, which has been at the core of our thinking and activities for years, is gradually being brought to the fore by the rest of Europe. The fact that we are actively producing and using liquefied biogas seems to come as a great surprise to many outside the Nordics.

The transformation of Gasum and the Nordic gas market continues more actively than ever. If we want to lead the transformation also in the future, we simply cannot stay put. We will keep on bringing cleaner energy to our customers in new and innovative ways and continue to expand the production and use of biogas.

And, at the same time, we should look for what might be the next major steps in the gas sector. For example, we are following with keen interest how the Power-to-X concept will develop over the next few years and any future opportunities arising from the energy sector integration.

The writer is Public Affairs Manager at Gasum.


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