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Ville Pesonen

Head of Energy market services
phone: +358 40 558 7890 

Our services to help you navigate in the energy market

  • Portfolio management and brokering services

  • Up-to-date information on the market situation and market reports delivered to you

  • Balance services in the wholesale physical electricity market

  • 24/7 control room services for electricity balance risk management and electricity price optimization

  • Demand-side management services for consumption optimization

  • The most flexible software solutions in the energy market

  • Guarantees of Origin services for electricity and alternatives for voluntary emissions offsetting

  • Expert services for emissions trading


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The gas company has transformed into a fully-fledged energy company

The 2018 acquisition of Enegia opened the power market gates for Gasum. The traditional gas company has transformed into a full-fledged energy company assisting its customers with a broad range of energy aspects.

One path can lead into another. This is very true of the journey that took Gasum into the power market. Head of Energy Market Services Ville Pesonen says it all boils down to the period before the January 2020 opening up of the Finnish gas market.

“We were thinking about what kinds of services our gas customers would need in the future and how we could help them more in the changing world. The key point was how our customers would manage their gas portfolios and their risks in the open market. When we discovered that energy expert company Enegia was for sale, many pieces slotted nicely into place,” says Pesonen.

Gasum acquired Enegia in 2018. Enegia had been an active player in power market portfolio management, and Pesonen saw its equally great potential in the natural gas market. The aim in both is to promote the interests of the customer in the market. The companies also shared a great deal of customer base.

In addition to price, energy involves a huge amount of aspects to be monitored from sustainability, access, and demand all the way to regulation and weather. Our energy market experts keep a close eye on what’s going on in the world and provide clear reports on which our customers can base their decisions.

- Ville Pesonen, Head of Energy Marker Services, Gasum

Gasum is now stepping even further beyond power market management services. In September, Gasum entered into a ten-year wind power purchase agreement with ABO Wind Oy. Built in Kestilä, Finland, the wind farm will start generating power in 2023. The annual output of its nine turbines will total around 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity.

Pesonen knows that contractual negotiations for wind power projects are not simple. Customer interest in wind power is high, but the outputs of new wind farms are often too high for individual customers.

“We want to make it possible for all customers to join this process. We’re continuously scanning new wind farm projects. We’ll negotiate and pick those that best serve our customers. We assume the role of our customers’ counterparty, which makes life easier for them,” says Pesonen.



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