Anders Malm: Transition to cleaner energy speeding up

Gasum can help customers navigate a rapidly changing energy market and support their journey towards a cleaner tomorrow, says Anders Malm, SVP of Portfolio Management and Trading at Gasum.

What are the main tasks of Gasum’s Portfolio Management and Trading?

Our purpose is to enable business growth and profitable sales through competitive clean energy products, services, and customer solutions. We take care of the entire liquified natural gas (LNG) supply chain, from sourcing and production to trading and transportation to customers. We also offer our customers energy market portfolio management and expert services, including market analyses and the selection of risk management models.

The aim is to make the most of all our assets and help to deliver products and services to all our segments – traffic, industry and maritime transport – in an efficient way that best supports their business. Gasum is truly a one-stop-shop for all energy market solutions.

What kind of targets have you set for your business area?

Besides supporting our sales by packaging and optimizing different products and services for our customers, we support business growth by enabling Gasum to enter new markets. For example, when we are now looking into increasing our maritime sales in the ARA region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), we need to have the infrastructure in place to do so.

Safety, customer satisfaction and environmental impact are all important targets for our operations. As we are responsible for the supply chain, safety is always our number one priority. Also, we need to provide reliable and energy-efficient deliveries so that they also support our customers’ sustainability targets.

How can Gasum help customers navigate the developing energy market?

The energy market is becoming more complex and volatile, as the transition towards clean energy sources that are dependent on weather conditions is speeding up. In this sense, gas provides customers with a good solution as part of the entire energy system. With our extensive experience in the whole sector, we can help customers identify the best solution for their specific needs from both an economical and environmental viewpoint.

What have been the main events of the past year from your perspective?

During the year, we have centralized all logistic and supply chain functions within Gasum, which means that we will be able to support our customers even better. Also, one of the main events for us was finalizing the acquisition of AGA’s Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering business from Linde AG. In addition, we have speeded up efforts in building our power purchase agreement portfolio, which will help our customers source energy from renewable sources such as wind power. All of these developments help us build a good foundation for growth and delivering optimal services from sourcing to delivery.

How have you been able to utilize previous work experience in your current position?

I have worked in the energy industry for around 30 years and gained experience in building supply chains and creating products that support customer needs. Also, one of my former employers was a forerunner in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. I believe I can help in speeding up this development.

What do you find most interesting and rewarding about your job?

Being part of making a difference in the energy sector and working for the greater good is something that drives me forward. Also, what intrigues me about Gasum as a company is that we have a really agile and dynamic culture, and a kind of start-up mentality. We are constantly questioning things and aim to improve a little bit every day.

As a leader, I am a strong believer in people and like to have clear goals and ways to build up engagement levels within the company. In such a complex market, collaboration is the key to succeeding. I am pragmatic and like to simplify things, and also very social, which has been a hard thing to be during the pandemic restrictions. However, I always try to be positive and look on the bright side. If you cannot change things, you just need to adapt.


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