• Operates in the competitive freight transport market in Finland.

  • Long-haul operations as well as regional and local deliveries, 20 freight terminals

  • Long-haul services cover a journey equalling 4 times around the Earth each day.

  • The questions were answered by Antti Wikström, Vice President, Posti Freight Services.

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Juha-Matti Koskinen

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Transporting freight the eco-friendly way

Posti Freight Services is one of the three big freight transporters in Finland. It transports freight around the clock with 700 long-haul services where an overnight service plays an important role.

Posti Freight Services volume requires a huge number of trucks, which are now being upgraded to lower-emission models. A big step in this direction was the introduction of a fleet of ten trucks running on liquefied biogas (LBG) in late 2020.

Route planning utilising new technology and competence is one way for Posti Freight Services to cut transport emissions. The same route optimisation is used for the LBG trucks. The aim is to fully utilise the distance covered by a full tank and fill up the vehicle at both ends of the route. The biogas filling station network plays a key role in this.

Zero emissions target

"Posti has been leading the way in corporate responsibility as regards environmental aspects. One of the first steps was the introduction of the Posti Green service ten years ago."

-Antti Wikström, Vice President, Posti Freight Services

Since then, the company has made systematic and long-term efforts and has now set the target of reaching zero emissions in 2030. Freight Services play a key role in this, and therefore determined steps must be taken all the time.

Posti’s zero emissions target will be reached by taking multiple separate measures, as many little drops make a mighty ocean. Every litre of fuel eliminated from average consumption is a big deal as every unemitted carbon dioxide tonne makes a positive difference.

Optimal routes, economical and environmentally-friendly driving styles. 


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