Accident at a Gasum partner filling station in Sweden

This information will be updated as new information can be confirmed. This update was made July 1 at 13.00 Swedish time.

Following the accident at the Gasum partner filling station in Älvsjö the 25th of June the filling station is now open again. The authorities have given permission to open the station. The dispenser involved in the accident will remain closed until further notice, but the other dispensers serving both CNG and LNG will be in operation. The site and the equipment have been checked by Gasum and a third-party engineering company to confirm everything is safe and operational.


This information will be updated as new information can be confirmed. This update below this text was made June 27.

On June 25 there was an accident at one of Gasums partner filling stations in Sweden with injured people. The station is located in Älvsjö outside Stockholm.

The injured people was transported away by emergency services. One of them have deceased and the other one is treated for the injuries at the hospital. 

The filling station is closed down and a Gasum task force is set up and is handling the situation and is working closely with the authorities. The authorities are conducting the official investigation and Gasum will also start an internal investigation.

The police have an ongoing preliminary investigation with the current headings of general negligence, causing another person's death and causing bodily injury in order to be able to investigate the circumstances.

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