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Vähäjoentie 182
32610 Vampula

Plant Manager
Kimmo Routamaa
p. +358 40 160 9740

Operational since:

Waste processing capacity:
60,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
35 GWh/year

Biogas process:

Huittinen biogas plant

The Huittinen biogas plant processes sewage sludge from several municipalities and towns, sludge from local pig farms and sludge side streams from food industry. Biogas produced at the plant is used in processes of industrial facilities located nearby and in the plant's own CHP engine. The plant also sells heat to a few local pig farms.

Gasum is working with HKScan on plans to switch to manure-based feedstock at the Huittinen biogas plant in Finland. The plant would use mainly local pig and cattle manure to produce biogas. As one of HKScan’s contract partners, contract pig meat producer Emomylly Oy has also committed to the project.

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Sanitized digestate generated at the biogas plant is used as a fertilizer product in agriculture. Centrifuged solid digestate is used for compost production and, as it is, as a fertilizer product in agriculture. Reject water from the centrifuges is recycled back to the beginning of the process, which reduces the plant's raw water consumption.

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