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Gasum Jordberga AB
Lilla Jordbergavägen 349-0
23199 Klagstorp

Plant Manager
Jerry Linder
+46 720 627 886

Operational since:

Treated amount of substrate:
90 000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
110 GWh/year

Fertilizer production capacity: 
80 000 tonnes/year

CO2 reduction:
About 28 000 tonnes/year

Jordberga biogas plant

The biogas plant in Jordberga was built in 2013 in close partnership with the partners at the time, E.ON, Skånska Biobränslebolaget and Nordic Sugar.

Today, Gasum owns the biogas production plant 100% and is responsible for the entire production chain from the sourcing of feedstocks to upgraded biogas, which is distributed to the market via the gas pipeline.

The main feedstock for the biogas is locally produced green plant material and agricultural and food industry residues. The biogas produced is upgraded in a water scrubbing facility before being injected into the gas network. The Jordberga plant produces not just biogas but also high-quality biofertilizer which is approved for organic farming. The biofertilizer is returned to regional agriculture in the and so closes the important nutrient cycle.

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