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Kalannintie 191 
23200 Vinkkilä

Plant Manager
Jani Haapanala 
p. +358 40 558 4243

Operational since:

Waste processing capacity:
90,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
30 GWh/year

Biogas process:

Vehmaa biogas plant

The Vehmaa biogas plant is Finland's oldest industrial-scale biogas plant. The plant mainly processes enzyme industry side streams, food industry side streams and pig farm sludge. Biogas from the plant is used to generate electricity and heat with the plant's own CHP engines. Heat is used in the plant's own process and also sold to a nearby greenhouse.

All sanitized digestate at the Vehmaa plant undergoes centrifugation. Solid digestate is used in agriculture as a fertilizer product. The evaporator treatment of reject water at the plant is a unique solution in Finland. In the evaporator, water and concentrated nutrients are separated from reject water. The water undergoes reverse osmosis and, having been fully purified, is then discharged into a local river. Nutrient concentrates are used as fertilizers in agriculture and as wastewater treatment plant nutrients in pulp industry.