Speakers at the webinar

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Jacob Granqvist, VP Maritime, Gasum

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Jouni Liimatta, Head of Trading and Natural Gas Sales

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Ville Hatakka, Senior Trader, Natural Gas & LNG

LNG for maritime

A clean and cost-effective alternative, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is rapidly gaining ground in maritime transport.

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Webinar: The energy market’s effect on shipping

In this webinar we are discussing the energy market and how it affects the global economy and with that also shipping. We are looking at market fundamentals and how the shipping industry is adopting to the new scene of decarbonization pressure and alternative fuels.

This topic is valuable for any person interested in shipping and energy. It is a webinar for you who have vessels already running on natural gas or biogas, and for you evaluating whether to sail on alternative fuel.


  • Jacob Granqvist, Vice President, Maritime

  • Ville Hatakka, Senior Trader

  • Jouni Liimatta, Head of Trading and Natural Gas Sales

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