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Purchase support of €5,000 - €12,000 for the purchase of gas-fueled trucks in Finland

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications grants support to logistics companies for the purchase or lease for a minimum of three years of gas-fueled trucks. Why is it worth switching to gas now?

How it works – applying for purchase support

Is your company considering purchasing new vehicles or significantly reducing emissions? Leasers, leasing service providers, vehicle owners or holders can apply for financial support for the purchase of a gas-fueled truck between December 1, 2020 and November 30, 2022.

  • Choose a new gas-fueled vehicle registered in Finland.

  • Complete the support application when you order the vehicle since a limited amount of support is available. The vehicle manufacturer will provide you with an order contract or contract of sale to be attached to the application form.

  • In the event of leasing, you will need a leasing contract to attach to the application or you can authorize the leasing service provider to apply for the support on your behalf.

  • Once you have decided whether you are going to purchase the vehicle or whether you are going to take out a lease for a minimum of three years, just complete the purchase support application form (only in Finnish) on Traficom’s website.

  • Wait for a decision and if needed ask the vehicle manufacturer or leasing service provider to help you complete the form.

Gas-fueled truck purchase support in a nutshell

What? Traffic emissions must be rapidly cut. Switching from diesel to gas fuels, either natural gas or biogas, has been chosen as a suitable and reliable way to do this.

You can receive purchase support to buy or lease, on a minimum of a three-year lease contact, as many as five gas-fueled trucks of 16-tonnes or over.

Who? You if you use heavy-duty fleet for transport and want to considerably reduce your carbon footprint. To be eligible for the support, you must, additionally, register the vehicle in Finland.

How much? The support is €5,000 for vehicles fueled by compressed gas and €12,000 for vehicles fueled by liquefied gas. One applicant can receive support for a maximum of five vehicles.

When? You must apply for the support by the end of 2022, but why wait until then? Why not switch to a low-emission and contemporary fuel now?

Gas is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly fuel

Finland plans to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Road traffic accounts for just under 20% of Finland’s carbon footprint and around a third of this comes from heavy-duty transport.

Gas is an excellent transport fuel for businesses who want to offer their customers environmentally friendly logistics services.

  • Low emission – on average 20-90% lower greenhouse gas emissions than with diesel.

  • Cost efficient: your fuel costs remain the same or even decrease.

  • Gas-fuel vehicles are quiet, pleasant to drive and reliable to operate.

  • The filling station network enables routes in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Filling stations for heavy-duty transport are also widely available in Europe, see all stations here.

  • Purchase support considerably lowers the vehicle purchase price.

  • Switching to gas is an eco-deed, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Interested? We are pleased to tell you more about what switching to gas would mean to your business. Get in touch.