Research and development are keys to sustainable tomorrow


Research, technology and innovation play a key role on the journey toward a clean and sustainable Nordic gas ecosystem. A forerunner in the gas and energy sector, Gasum invests in the development of new technologies, concepts and energy systems.

The focal areas of our research and development can be divided under three themes:

Renewable gas

Biogas produced using anaerobic digestion, its raw materials and pre-treatments as well as wood-based biogas produced using gasification (bio-SNG) and, in addition, the hydrogen gas economy.

Energy systems and new opportunities of gas

The flexibility required by the use of renewable energies, such as storage issues and changes in energy systems, such as the transformation caused by new technologies.

Uses of gas and energy efficiency

Energy-efficiency issues and environmental impacts of the gas supply chain, and energy efficiency in the end use of energy.

Power-to-Gas concept promotes renewable electricity production

Wind and solar power are weather dependent energy sources causing remarkable peaks and low points for electricity production. In the future, as large share of electricity production is expected to account for renewable technologies, electrical networks will face difficulties due to increasing intermittency. In Germany and Denmark, power production peaks regularly exceed demand already: Thus, power system requires development of flexibility. One of the opportunities is Power-to-Gas.

In the concept, excess electric power is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Most of the energy ends up in hydrogen, which can afterwards be utilized directly in energy production, or be upgraded to methane. Since methane technologies, i.e. for logistics, are highly mature, number of applications for the energy use is risen notably.

Gasum supports development of Power-to-Gas by participating in various R&D projects on the topic, such as pilot project SOLETAIR conducted by VTT and Lappeenranta University of Technology.