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Grants for Gasum given out for 2017

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We support research and development in the gas sector


Our goal is to expand Nordic gas market towards a carbon-neutral future. We pursue this aim by supporting research and development securing access to natural gas and biogas and developing the market in Finland through its Gas Fund.

In 2017 Gasum Gas Fund gave out 12 grants, totalling € 81,000. (€108,000 in 2016).

The Fund was established in 2004 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the introduction of natural gas in Finland and the 10th anniversary of Gasum.  It is one of the special funds run and administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion.

Gasum Gas Fund aims to

  • promote the use of natural energy gases (natural gas and biogas)

  • study the impacts of their use

  • prepare for the transition into an energy economy required for sustainable development.

Who can apply for grants?

To promote these aims, the Fund provides grants for training, research and development activity in Finland carried out by Finnish or foreign recipients. Grants are also available for other projects that promote the use of gas as well as theses related to undergraduate studies.

In addition to technology and economy, applications can also be submitted concerning other fields, such as environmental impacts or safety aspects.

Research topics supported may be related to issues including the following:

  • Energy efficiency of natural gas Gaseous transport fuels Liquefied natural gas

  • LNG Biogas produced through anaerobic digestion from waste

  • Wastewater

  • Energy crops or algae Wood-based biogas (bio-SNG) produced through gasification Fuel cells Carbon capture

  • Transport and storage Hydrogen technologies and hydrogen economy Gas-related solar energy applications (incl. gas-fuelled heat pumps)

  • Natural energy gases as energy reserves.

Applications submitted to the Gasum Gas Fund or otherwise appropriate to its scope of action are processed by the Fund's advisory committee chaired by Tapio Alvesalo, PhD. Members of the committee are Professor Peter Lund, Aalto University, School of Science, and Professor Esa Vakkilainen, Lappeenranta University of Technology. The Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion is represented by Manager of Grants Mikko Martikainen, and Gasum is represented by CEO, Johanna Lamminen.

The ultimate decisions regarding grants are made by the Board of Directors of the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion.