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Trading in the intraday markets

In addition to the Nordpool’s Elspot market, we operate in the Nordpool’s Elbas market for intraday trading. We help customers mitigate risk and seize the opportunities the volatile market has to offer.

The Intraday market, Elbas, is an aftermarket for Elspot market, also leading to the physical delivery of power. The Elbas is a market for the Nordic and Baltic region, and Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.  

In Elspot markets, the physical power is traded to be delivered the following day and the market closes at noon (CET). However, sometimes the forecasts of power consumption and production deviate compared to the actual. This might be due to unexpected changes in production and consumption, e.g. due to technical problems or timetable changes. Also, weather-dependent renewable energy sources increase difficulty of forecasting. Intraday market provides market participants the possibility to handle these imbalances. 

Benefits of participating in the Elbas market with Gasum 

Contrary to Elspot market, the Elbas market is a continuous trading environment where transactions can be made generally up until an hour before delivery. The market price follows the real-time market situation. With higher volatility than in the Elspot market, there is increased risk in the Elbas market but also more opportunities. 

Our 24/7 energy desk monitors the market around the clock and helps customers reduce cost and risk related to imbalances in electricity production and consumption. It is also possible to gain in the markets by trading the available capacity.  

By outsourcing market monitoring to us, even smaller scale companies can gain access to intraday and regulation markets, mitigating the risks as result. We manage the trading in the Elbas market automatically on behalf of the customer with the operating and risk model agreed in advance.  

What we deliver

  • Access to the Nordpool Elbas market, automatic trading on behalf of the customer 
  • Customized trading solutions to suit your needs and risk model 
  • Real-time market information to help you make informed trading decisions 
  • Reliable execution of your trades and taking advantage of the price fluctuations 
  • Advice on electricity market regulations and risk management related to the Elbas market 

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Anders Hultgren, Gasum

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