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FuelFlex - Switch between fuels based on market conditions

In the ever-changing landscape of energy markets, Fuel Flexibility empowers adaptable energy sourcing, optimizing costs, managing emissions, and enhancing operational responsiveness.

Navigating the dynamic energy terrain, Fuel Flex services assist customers in adapting to evolving circumstances. Gasum specializes in guiding through the intricacies of fuel choices, enabling transitions between alternatives based on cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. 

Fuel Flexibility arises when an operation can consume energy from two or more alternative sources. This flexibility allows for switching between sources based on cost considerations and adapting to specific situations. Achieving optimal performance is not always straightforward; it necessitates careful planning, and having two viable energy options isn't always feasible or advisable. 

Flexibility within the energy portfolio aligns with Gasum's strategy to support customers in their transition toward a carbon-neutral future. Beyond cost optimization, this flexibility empowers emission control within predefined limits, particularly crucial when multiple fuel options are available. 

Our Fuel Flex Services

  • Dual Fuel Strategies: Explore the potential of having two or more alternative energy sources for a single operation, allowing you to switch based on cost considerations and operational needs. 
  • Optimized Fuel Choices: We help you make informed decisions on fuel selection, ensuring cost-effectiveness and emission control within predefined limits. 
  • Continuous Cost and Emission Management: Our services go beyond cost considerations; we assist in optimizing emissions within set thresholds while managing costs effectively. 
  • 24/7 Support for Fuel Flexibility: Our round-the-clock support ensures that you can make real-time decisions based on market conditions, optimizing your fuel choices for the best outcomes. 

Let's Discuss Your Options: 

How can we best support your journey in fuel flexibility? Connect with us to start a conversation about your options. 

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