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Switch to renewable energy with guarantees of origin for electricity

Switching to renewable energy is easy when you obtain guarantees of origin (GOs) for electricity. Regardless of their sector, companies can obtain GOs for electricity quickly and easily through us without changing their existing energy contract. The start of the year is the right time to obtain GOs for electricity for the energy your company used the previous year.

As your partner, we will help you to choose the optimal solution for your company’s need and acquire the GOs for you.

No change to your existing energy contract is required to obtain guarantees of origin.

What are guarantees of origin?

1. They ensure the origin of electricity:

Once electricity has been fed into the grid it is impossible to ensure, for example, that a customer who pays for wind power actually receives energy than originates from a wind turbine. A system of GOs is used to ensure the origin.

2. No new energy contract is required

Since certificates of guarantees of origin are not directly linked to physical electricity, companies can switch to renewable energy without changing their existing energy contracts.

3. One guarantee of origin for electricity = 1 MWh of electricity produced from renewable sources

A guarantee of origin contains information on when, how and where the electricity was produced. When a GOs is used, it is recalled and removed from the market to ensure that each MWh of renewable energy is used only once.

We offer various forms of renewable electricity production

Gasum offers certificates of origin for wind, hydro, solar, bio and nuclear power. Choose the form and country of production best suited to your company.