Katrineholm biogas plant

Katrineholm is a major farm plant for the co-digestion primarily of manure and agricultural and food industry waste and residues in the region.

Contact information

Gasum Katrineholm AB
Valla Gård
64193 Katrineholm

Plant Manager
Henrik la Fleur
tel. +46 730 579 833

Safety training for visitors

The biogas produced is upgraded in a water scrubbing facility to vehicle gas quality and compressed and distributed in gas tanks.

Most of the biofertilizer is organically approved and returned to local agriculture.

Operational since:
December 2010

Treated amount of substrate:
80 000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
30 GWh/year

Fertilizer production capacity: 
80 000 tonnes/year

CO₂ reduction:
About 13 000 tonnes/year

Safety e-learnings

Safety training for visitors