Kouvola Mäkikylä biogas plant

Kouvola Mäkikylä biogas plant processes about 20,000 tonnes of biomass per year. Gasum's plan is to invest in the development of the plant.

Contact information

Kymenlaaksontie 419 b
45100 Kouvola

Plant Manager
Mikael Siltaoja
tel. +358 40 169 2313

Safety training for visitors

The Mäkikylä bioplant, completed in 2011, was built by Kymen Bioenergia Oy, whose main owner was KSS Energia Oy. The City of Kouvola transferred the bio-lant and its processing plant to the Waterworks in 2014–2015. The Mäkikylä biogas plant and its business and agreements were transferred to Gasum in June 2019.

Operational since:

Waste processing capacity:
20,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
10–40 GWh/year

Safety e-learnings