Lidköping biogas plant

The Lidköping biogas plant is the result of partnership between Gasum AB and FordonsGas Sverige AB.

Contact information

Gasum Lidköping AB
Tippvägen 5
53140 Lidköping

Plant Manager
Mathias Sundberg
tel. +46 727 431 061

Safety training for visitors

Gasum is responsible for running the biogas production plant from the raw material to the upgraded biogas. Upgrading takes place in a water scrubbing facility before FordonsGas Sverige AB liquefies the biogas for regional distribution and compresses it for local distribution.

The liquefaction technology chosen means that the vehicle quality biogas is cleaned in principle to 100% methane. The gas is then cooled to just over -160C and liquefies in the process.

The biogas feedstock consists mainly of industrial residues from the food industry in Lidköping and surroundings.

The organically approved biofertilizer is sold to local farmers.

The construction project started in early 2010 and the plant supplied the first biogas in January 2011.

Operational since:
January 2011

Treated amount of substrate:
100,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
65 GWh/year

Fertilizer production capacity: 
80,000 tonnes/year

CO₂ reduction:
About 14,000 tonnes/year

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Safety training for visitors