Örebro biogas plant

Gasum supplies biogas from Örebro to the gas market in Stockholm, for example.

Contact information

Gasum Örebro AB
Tippvägen 1
70594 Örebro

Plant Manager
Jonas Skagerlund
tel. +46 722 363 873

Safety training for visitors

The plant digests residues from the food industry and agricultural feedstocks such as grass. The biogas produced is upgraded to vehicle quality gas in a water scrubbing facility and transmitted via the gas pipeline network in Örebro to a compressor station for tank filling. The gas network also supplies two biogas filling stations in the city and is connected to the bus depot. The vehicle quality gas produced at the Skebäck sewage plant in Örebro is also injected into the gas network.

The Örebro plant also produces organic fertilizer, which is approved for use in organic farming.

Operational since:

Treated amount of substrate:
50,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
55 GWh/year

Fertilizer production capacity: 
65,000 tonnes/year

CO₂ reduction:
About 14,000 tonnes/year

Safety e-learnings:

Safety training for visitors