Skövde biogas plant

The plant digests mostly slaughterhouse and food waste from the immediate area.

Contact information

Mejselvägen 10
541 34 Skövde

Plant Manager
Kim Åberg
tel. +46 73 380 89 93

Safety training for visitors

The biogas produced is upgraded to vehicle gas quality and supplied to, among others, the local bus depot via a low pressure pipeline. Compressed biogas is distributed more widely via tanks to other parts of Sweden. The plant also has its own pump where businesses and private persons can fill up with vehicle quality gas.

The plant also produces biofertilizer, which is approved for use in organic farming.

Operational since:

Treated amount of substrate:
40,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
23 GWh/year

Fertilizer production capacity: 
50,000 tonnes/year

CO₂ reduction:
About 5,000 tonnes/year

Safety e-learnings:

Safety training for visitors