Nynäshamn LNG terminal rules

Under the commitments made by Gasum to the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) in connection with the acquisition of Linde’s Clean Gas Solutions business in Sweden, Gasum opens the Third Party Access to Nynäshamn LNG import terminal. The SCA has on 20 March 2020 approved the commitments including a Third-Party Access to be further specified in the Nynäshamn Terminal Rules.

The compliance with the Terminal Rules with the SCA decision and commitments provided will be monitored by Grant Thornton Sweden AB as a monitoring trustee appointed by the Terminal Operator and approved by the SCA. The Monitoring Trustee has accepted the Nynäshamn Terminal Rules and the applicable Terminal Services Price List.

Capacity reservation

Reserved throughput capacity grants the User rights to use the Terminals Services during the reserved period. The Terminal Operator allocates the available terminal throughput capacity annually and according to reservation procedures. Capacity can also be reserved in addition to the annual User Capacity Allocation procedure, if there is free capacity.

Available capacity for User Capacity Allocation Period starting on 1st of January 2024

The available Third-Party Capacity for the period starting on 1st of January 2024 and ending on 31th of December 2024 is 380,000 MWh as of the 1st of September 2023.

Third party capacity can be reserved during the capacity period through User Capacity applications. The reservation process for free capacity during the Capacity Period will follow the same timelines as described in the Terminal rules for evaluation of the User Capacity applications and the confirmation of the Terminal User schedule.