Key role played by sustainability

Head of Sustainability and HSEQ Elina Saarivuori’s task at Gasum is to promote the company’s sustainability and safety work.

I make sure that the policies of the Gasum Corporate Responsibility Program become a reality in our business. I’m involved in aspects ranging from climate impact assessments and facility audits to communications and customer work.

I’m proud of us at Gasum being able to offer our customers quick and sustainable solutions for carbon footprint reductions thanks to our low-carbon products. There’s enormous potential in the gas sector to contribute to efforts to curb climate change.

I’ve worked for the energy company Gasum since 2017. It’s been great to find that Gasum offers genuine and green solutions for a better tomorrow. The best thing about my work is that I get to cooperate with everyone at Gasum and no two days are the same in my work. I also get to tap into my extensive previous work experience from industry and research. Our company is undergoing strong growth, and this provides excellent opportunities and challenges for my work, too.

Demand for gas is surging is segments such as transport. Gasum is responding to this demand by investing in new infrastructure and new biogas plants. Promoting the production of renewable gases and strengthening their position are key to the achievement of climate targets. Natural gas also plays an important role in transport, in industrial use and when phasing out coal in energy production.

Position: Head of Sustainability and HSEQ, Gasum
Education: MSc (Environmental Chemistry)
Hobbies: Jogging, gardening and sailing with family