Energy expertise for short- and long-term needs – for sales, sourcing and production

The undergoing major changes in the energy market may seem complex. How can energy needs be managed sustainably and as cost effectively as possible? Gasum Energy Market Services’ experts provide their expertise in electricity sales, sourcing and production throughout the market chain.

Gasum offers its clients energy market services, so that sales, sourcing and production of energy would be sustainable, easy and cost efficient for the clients. Energy Market Services’ competitive assets include a broad, long track record of competence and experience. A customer base of dozens of customers and their changing energy market needs keep Gasum’s energy market experts in tune with the times. Our wide-ranging sevices also provide a competitive edge.

“Products and services go hand in hand, whether talking about gas, electricity or guarantees of origin. You need to be able to trade in a product. This expertise our customers buy from us. The markets, both on the electricity and gas side, involve many details, different opportunities to manage risks, optimize or possibly to save costs – this is where we help our customers,” says Tea Kiukas, Head of Energy Market Services at Gasum.

“We also have solid reporting expertise. Sometimes concepts may seem complex, but reporting helps to clarify these for customers on a monthly or even at an location level. We operate on several different markets with gas, electricity, emission allowances and guarantees of origin. We provide a very extensive service and product repertoire,” sums up Tea Kiukas.

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Years of experience in energy markets enables a broad range of services

Energy Market Services’ competence is based on long experience. Energy Market Services transferred to Gasum’s product and service portfolio some years ago in a corporate acquisition. Operations have been continuously developed and the company is now aiming at new market areas.

“Because the gas market is relatively new, services related to gas are an area of development and growth. We are also aiming strongly abroad. Neighboring Sweden is one of our targets for development but we are widely casting our glances also at other market areas,” Tea Kiukas adds.

Energy Market Services offering:

Gasum Energy Market Services provides physical market services to customers. Portfolio management company Gasum Portfolio Services Oy provides advisory and consultancy services to customers as authorized under the Act on Investment Services. Gasum's Trading unit sells hedging and physical products such as electricity and gas to customers.

Sustainability is driving discussions

Carbon neutrality and electrification are major trends and are also partly interlinked. Electricity consumption will increase as fuel consumption decreases. According to Kiukas, it’s clear that customers are showing strong interest in sustainability issues.

“The pursuit of carbon neutrality is continuously raised in discussions with our customers. When businesses take steps towards carbon neutrality, energy use and production are generally the first and easily verifiable targets where they can employ simple measures to reduce their own carbon footprint,” says Kiukas.

Kiukas also notes that while electrification might sound simple, things become more challenging as we enter the electricity market, since each hour’s production has to match consumption and preferably at a fairly sensible price. Going forward, this means that demand flexibility and transmission will play an increasingly important role.

“The electricity market is undergoing a transformation with regard to production methods. Considerably much less wind power was used than nowadays and it was earlier possible to balance situations with coal-fired condensing power. Condensing power production has in practice been entirely phased out these days, whereas the use of wind power is increasing. Wind power is produced when it is windy. This calls for transmission and transmission capacity between different areas to even out imbalances in production and consumption, and to provide flexibility. Since there is less production flexibility nowadays, flexibility in short-term demand will be of great importance,” tells Kiukas.

Energy Market Services offer risk management and predictability to clients in a changing market

Besides sustainability issues, risk management and market changes are also among the things where Energy Market Services supports customers.

“We consult extensively on the development of our customers’ risk policies and implement risk management in various portfolio models. Outsourcing is also something that we’re often asked about. We’re a cost-effective alternative where a customer needs 24/7 control room service, for example,” says Kiukas.

The Energy Market Services support customers particularly in energy market situations where a customer has neither the resources nor the experience of optimization, for instance. According to Kiukas, sometimes the customer might not necessarily have noticed improvements that could be made to the efficiency of everyday processes.

“Whether talking about gas, electricity or guarantees of origin, products and services go hand in hand – and you need to be able to trade in a product. This expertise our customers buy from us. We help our customers in all needs involving the energy market, be they risk management or optimizing,” Kiukas summs.

Guide: Operate successfully in the energy markets

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