Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, Samskip

A cleaner way to move freight over water

Samskip operates door-to-door logistics serving European maritime and river, as well as rail and road transport needs. The company is increasingly refueling LNG on ships and cars. Biogas is a future area of ​​interest.

Samskip is a European multimodal transport company and short-sea operator. Its maritime fleet averages 25 vessels, with ten owned by the company. Two of these are powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Operating between Holland and Norway, Samskip Kvitbjorn and Kvitnos have been refuelled since spring 2020 at Risavika, Norway, under a partnership agreement with Gasum.

Gasum sources LNG from a production plant located just 200 metres from the quayside in Risavika. This means fresh and cold LNG can be bunkered swiftly and safely directly to the vessel. A special loading arm and adapter have been developed in cooperation for the purpose. This is why Samskip now bunkers both of its LNG-fuelled vessels regularly at Risavika.

Responsibility is an extremely important motivation for Samskip’s choices for the future.

Biogas is of interest

"The decisions we make today must be sustainable today and tomorrow.

We receive healthy pressure from our customers, and we are on a common green journey with them. We examine our entire service and supply chain when considering the ecological aspects of our operations. Cutting carbon dioxide emissions and supporting sustainable development are our key objectives.

We use rail and river barge transport as much as we can. For road transport, our subcontractors use LNG-fuelled trucks and we are keeping a close eye on technological developments in the sector.

LNG works well and will be used more as its availability along our transport routes increases. We are particularly interested in how biofuels develop and are more commonly used as fuel alternatives."

Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, CEO of Samskip Group