HML Lastbilscentral and Skanska chose fossil-free concrete transports

A strong pursuit of sustainable solutions with economic benefits is driving HML Lastbilscentral and Skanska Betong in their transition to fossil-free transport. Skanska's goal of fossil-free transport has in turn driven HML Lastbilscentral to fuel its concrete transports with biogas.

”My road transport company is one of more than 70 other partner companies in HML Lastbilscentral. We drive for Skanska, which is one of our most important customers. When they demanded fossil-free transport, we discussed several different alternatives and biogas turned out to be the most cost-effective. We simply decided to take on the challenge of becoming the first company in Sweden to use biogas to transport concrete,” says Robert Berg at HML Lastbilscentral.

Sustainable and cost-effective transition

Skanska and HML work in a constantly changing transport industry tasked with delivering concrete to various sites for construction projects. Efficient transportation and refueling planning is of the utmost importance and crucial to maintaining an effective and reliable supply chain.

"Switching to biogas is a simple move, which does not affect the payload capacity of our trucks," explains Martin Bergqvist, District Manager at Skanska Betong. "Besides which, we are seeing a significant reduction in our overall transport carbon footprint," he adds.

 A truck driver refueling a biogas truck.

Biogas – a competitive advantage

"It is important for is to make the transition together with a knowledgeable and dependable partner who can guide us in the right direction, which is where Gasum, Sweden's largest producer of biogas, comes into the picture,” Robert says.

“We are strongly commited to a more sustainable future and the switch to biogas has had a significant impact on us at Skanska. It has strengthened our relationships with our customers, who are also looking to achieve fossil-free deliveries. Thanks to HML and Gasum, we can now embark on this transition,” Martin adds.

A concrete transport truck at the construction site.

Compared to conventional diesel vehicles, HML is now seeing lower operating costs and – thanks to biogas – a reduction of up to 90% in carbon dioxide emissions.

At a time when society is demanding more sustainable solutions and the requirements for reducing emissions are becoming stricter, HML and Skanska, together with Gasum, are showing how to move towards a greener future by choosing biogas as the fuel of choice for fossil-free transport.

Gasum already has a sound network of gas filling stations that is continuously growing in the Nordic region.