City of Vantaa facility and user services company Vantti to transport with biogas-fueled vans

The energy company Gasum and Vantti are entering into cooperation where Vantti will start using four biogas-fueled Iveco Daily vans. Driving on biogas supports the target set by the City of Vantaa to be carbon neutral by 2030. Biogas is a 100% local low-emission fuel and its production represents the circular economy at its best.

Owned by the City of Vantaa, in Finland Vantti will start using four gas-powered Iveco Daily vans and use low-emission biogas to fuel the vehicles. Vantti provides meal, cleaning, facility, transport as well as lobby and security services for the City of Vantaa. Mail and package pickups and deliveries cover the distribution area of more than 200 City of Vantaa units. The biogas-fueled vans were chosen specifically because of their environmental friendliness. 

“The City of Vantaa aims to be carbon neutral by 2030 and we want to be forerunners and lead the way to reach this aim. These cost-effective biogas vehicles will help us cut carbon dioxide and fine particulate emissions,” says Jari Mielonen, Service Manager, Transport Services, Vantti.

“Consideration for the environment and sustainable development are important values for us, and driving on Finnish biogas represents this precisely,” Mielonen continues.

Biogas is a low-emission and renewable fuel produced from feedstocks such as biodegradable waste from households, shops and industry. Biogas can be used for purposes including heat and electricity production and as a transport fuel. In transport use, biogas enables greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 85% compared with traditional fuels. In addition, biogas only generates a fraction of local emissions such as nitrogen oxide and fine particulate emissions.

“Gas vehicles are well-suited for use by local authorities as they support their environmental targets and strategies. They are also in the same price range as gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles. Because biogas is also produced from household biowaste, the City’s vehicles could in principle be fueled by local residents’ biowaste, which represents the circular economy at its best. For example, sewage sludge from Western Vantaa is used at the Suomenoja biogas plant to produce biogas that Vantti uses to fuel its gas vehicles,” says Gasum Sales Manager Heidi Kuoppala.

"Our product strategy at IVECO is to provide our customers with vehicles that enable them to be more sustainable – for both the environment and their bottom line. We’re the only manufacturer that offers a full range of gas models from light commercial vehicles to heavy-duty trucks and buses. The IVECO Daily vans now delivered to Vantti are equipped with Hi-Matic automatic transmission, and this model was voted International Van of the Year 2018,” says Raimo Haavikko, Key Account, Sales, Iveco Finland.

Gasum is committed to expanding the gas filling station network by 35 new stations in the next few years. The latest filling station was opened in conjunction with the Vantaa IKEA store in September. Stations are also being planned around Finland for cities including Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu and Seinäjoki.

For more information please contact:

Heidi Kuoppala, Sales Manager, Gasum
Phone: +358 50 440 9793, firstname.surname(a)

Liisa Sarjala, CEO,Vantti
Phone: +358 50 304 5526, firstname.surname (a)

Raimo Haavikko, KA sales, marketing, Iveco Finland Oy
Phone. 045 320 7704, etunimi.sukunimi(a)