Dairy deliveries to shops powered by waste – Valio’s first biogas-fueled delivery vehicle taken into use

The Finnish dairy manufacturer Valio’s first biogas-fueled delivery vehicle was taken into service in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in September. Valio also takes part in biogas production by supplying waste generated in food production to Gasum’s biogas plants.

For many years, Valio has been testing a variety of vehicles using environmentally friendly fuels. The biogas pilot started this autumn was inspired by Valio’s circular economy thinking where the aim is to recover the waste generated in dairy production. In addition to taking part in biogas production, Valio is also introducing a delivery vehicle powered by environmentally friendly biogas for product deliveries. Renewable and 100% Finnish biogas can help achieve substantial cuts in transport emissions.

“We want to test new, environmentally sound fuels. Feedstocks used in biogas production include inedible side streams from Valio’s production. This is circular economy at its best,” says Mika Jyrkönen, Logistics Manager, Valio.

Valio supplies biowaste from its production facility to Gasum’s biogas plants where it is used to make biogas instead of ending up at a landfill site or incineration facility. Biogas produced in an anaerobic digestion process can be utilized, for example, as a fuel for transport or heating. 

“It’s great that Finland’s leading dairy product manufacturer is able to utilize its own waste as an environmentally friendly fuel and that way reduce its emissions. Biogas is financially competitive compared with other biofuels. In Finnish transport, 40% of emissions come from heavy-duty transport and therefore this sector is under particular pressure to cut emissions,” says Gasum Sales Manager Juha-Matti Koskinen.

Valio’s biogas-fueled delivery vehicle is a step towards low-emission dairy deliveries. It is also in line with the targets set by the Finnish Government and the EU to increase the number of gas-fueled vehicles and reduce emissions. The transport use of biogas helps reduce fuel lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%.

During the joint project, the biogas-fueled delivery vehicle will transport Valio products from the main warehouse in Helsinki to shops in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Helsinki Metropolitan Area was selected for the pilot due to its good gas distribution network: Gasum has more than ten gas filling stations in the area. A new station was also opened in conjunction with the IKEA store in Vantaa in September. Delivery route efficiency is important for Valio and therefore the locations of filling stations also need to be taken into account in route planning. Efficient logistics means lower emissions.

The collaboration launched in September involves testing the biogas vehicle as regards operational reliability and costs, after which the potential for continued use will be evaluated. At Valio, seeking environmentally friendly solutions goes beyond the biogas-fueled delivery vehicle as the company is planning to try out a natural gas-fueled milk collection vehicle in the future.

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