Filling station at IKEA Vantaa now serves gas cars

Gasum opened a new gas filling station in conjunction with the Vantaa store of IKEA Finland on 26 September. Both natural gas and environmentally friendly and 100% Finnish biogas are available at the station.

The new filling station at the Vantaa store of IKEA Finland is part of the circular economy cooperation of Gasum and IKEA Finland where biogas is produced from food waste from Finland’s IKEA stores. Earlier this year, a gas filling station was also opened in conjunction with the Espoo store of IKEA Finland.

”As a company we’re determined to set a good example by actively adopting new circular-economy approaches. Our partnership with Gasum is a great example of how we can through collaboration encourage and inspire people to make more sustainable everyday choices. By utilizing food waste generated at our restaurants as car fuel, we offer our customers, staff and partners a responsible fill-up option,” says Jessica Lehtinen, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Finland.

Circular economy offers tools for cleaner solutions

Utilizing food waste from IKEA restaurants as feedstock in biogas production and the gas filling stations constructed in conjunction with IKEA stores are examples of the circular economy becoming part of consumers’ lives and opening up new opportunities for businesses for cleaner operations. The new gas filling stations enable the future use of environmentally friendly biogas in IKEA Finland’s operations and to fuel IKEA buses and vehicles of IKEA’s transport partners and employees.

”The opportunity to fill up your vehicle on 100% Finnish biogas coupled with the low carbon dioxide emissions of gas vehicles make driving on gas an attractive alternative, and this is reflected in the need for gas filling stations. The stations opened in conjunction with IKEA Finland stores further improve the opportunities to refuel gas vehicles. Our cooperation with IKEA Finland is a brilliant example of opportunities for circular economy utilization, and we’re looking forward to opening new gas filling stations in conjunction with other IKEA stores,” says Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales, Road Fuels, from Gasum.

Utilizing biowaste in biogas production and using biogas and gas to fuel road vehicles provides consumers, enterprises and municipalities with an excellent opportunity to reduce their emissions. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel as particulate emissions from gas combustion are very low. Biogas is renewable energy produced from waste and side streams. In addition, its production creates recycled nutrient products for agricultural and industrial needs. Biogas is the cheapest renewable road fuel, and its transport use helps cut fuel lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%.

Gas is a convenient way for enterprises to reduce transport emissions, and the selection of gas vehicles available is increasing all the time. Finland’s best-selling car models are already available as gas versions, which is increasing consumer interest in the gas option. Before 2017, there were fewer than 2,000 gas vehicles on Finland’s roads, while this year the number has already exceeded 5,500.

Tens of new filling stations to be opened in the coming years

Gasum has made a commitment to expand the filling station network by 35 new stations in the next few years. The latest gas filling station was opened in July in Salo, Finland, in conjunction with the Piihovi ABC station. The year 2018 will see Gasum open gas filling stations also in Oulu and Lahti, Finland. Several other station projects are also planned around Finland, including for Seinäjoki and Kuopio. Gasum aims to expand the gas filling station network by ten new stations a year.

The opening of the station will be celebrated on the second weekend of October, October 12–14, with biogas available at the new station for €1 per kilo. This means the comparative price for equivalent liter of gasoline is only €0.641 per liter. The special offer does not apply to natural gas.

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The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.