Gasum to enter into enhanced relationship with Tax Office for Major Corporations in Finland

Gasum will enter into an enhanced customer relationship with the Tax Office for Major Corporations. This supports the company’s tax strategy and intent to be a responsible taxpayer.

The enhanced relationship is an anticipatory and transparent operating model for attendance to tax matters of major tax customers.

According to Gasum’s tax strategy, the company’s operations are managed on the basis of commercial principles with a view to business profitability. Gasum complies with legislation and regulations in tax payment, collection, remitting and reporting.

”It’s important for us to participate continuously in the development of tax legislation and policies, and we want to be involved in the development of a fair, clear and consistent tax system,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

The enhanced relationship with the tax authority is a model recommended by the OECD for the supervision of major tax customers where major customers are offered new services and supervision models. In the cooperation, the parties share a common interest to take care of taxation in real time and time-efficiently and conduct continuous and up-to-date dialogue to solve tax issues in real time. The enhanced relationship is an anticipatory and transparent operating model based on confidence and mutual understanding between the Tax Administration and the taxpayer. Gasum will enter into the enhanced relationship during spring 2018.


For more information please contact:

Lasse Aarnio, Chief Financial Officer, Gasum
Phone: +358 50 453 6064