Grants from Gasum Gas Fund for 2018 given out for research and development in the gas sector

Grants for 2018 totaling €40,800 were given out to seven researchers in Helsinki on June 5, 2018. Gasum supports research and development in the gas sector through the Gasum Gas Fund, which is one of the special funds run and administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES).

The objective of the Gasum Gas Fund is to support full-time research relating to education, research and development aiming to promote the gas ecosystem. Grants have been given out from the fund for researchers developing future solutions concerning, for example, the bioeconomy and circular economy, transport and logistics or energy solutions promoting the use of gas.

The aim is to support full-time research with full daily allowances. In addition, the Gas Fund seeks to provide long-term funding for research carried out by students. The Gasum Gas Fund is one of the special funds run and administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES).

“Gasum promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future together with its partners. To reach this aim, it’s important for us that new researchers with capabilities for diverse thinking about gas progress in Finland. It was an honor for us to be involved in the process of selecting the grant recipients,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

Given out to seven persons this year, the grants from the Gas Fund totaled €40,800.

Grants given out from the Gasum Gas Fund in 2018:

Kimmo Arola, MSc (LUT), Advanced technologies for enhanced micropollutant removal and nutrient recovery in municipal wastewater treatment (€5,000)

Danielle Bansfield, MSc (Aalto), Exploiting the unexploited: improved removal of nutrients from the reject water of biogas production (€5,000)

Tharaka Rama Krishna Chowdary Doddapaneni, MSc (TUT), Evaluating the operational and economic feasibility of integrating the torrefaction with anaerobic digestion (€5,000)

Marjaana Hassani, MSc (JYU), Joutomaiden ja tienvarsien biomassojen hyödyntäminen biokaasulaitoksissa - Riskinä vieraslajien leviäminen? (”Utilizing wasteland and roadside biomass at biogas plants – Risk of alien species spreading? (€5,000)

Hannu Karjunen, MSc (LUT), Hiilidioksidin talteenotto ja hyödyntäminen synteettisten polttoaineiden ja materiaalien tuotannossa järjestelmätasolla (”Carbon capture and utilization at system level in the production of synthetic fuels and materials”) (€5,000)

Hamidreza Latifi, MSc (Aalto), Optimization of a New Welding Procedure in Clad Pipelines for Natural Gas Transmission (€5,000)

Alexander Sokolov, MSC (Tech) (LUT), Cold-Plasma technology for wastewater treatment and modification of organics. (€10,800)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.