Energy company Gasum switches to renewable electricity in all operations

The Nordic energy company Gasum has switched to renewable electricity in all of its operations from the start of 2018. All of the electricity consumed by the company (150 GWh) is generated from Nordic hydropower. In its Corporate Responsibility Program, Gasum is committed to action against climate change and promoting the transition to a low-carbon society.

Gasum has been using renewable electricity partially already since 2017 but made a full switch to renewable electricity in all of its operations from the start of 2018. The electricity is generated from Nordic hydropower. A significant proportion of the electricity sourced goes to the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Risavika, Norway.

Mitigating climate change at the core of responsibility work

”Switching to renewable electricity was a strategically natural choice for us. Promoting cleaner energy solutions together with our customers is at the core of our operations as a company. We’ve also made a commitment to the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries aiming to reduce energy consumption,” says Minna Tolonen, Sustainability Manager, Gasum.

Gasum’s Energy Market Services experts in renewable electricity

Souring renewable electricity was easy for the company as Gasum’s Energy Market Services are experts in the Guarantee of Origin market for electricity and help customers source renewable electricity.

”Renewable electricity can be sourced without changing current electricity contracts as the origin of electricity is verified with Guarantees of Origin. Favoring renewable electricity is an excellent opportunity for enterprises and other actors to implement their environmental responsibility,” says Portfolio manager, Atte Pekkala from Gasum Energy Market Services.

Gasum Energy Market Services help enterprises to reduce their carbon footprint by also offering expert services relating to emissions trading and solutions relating to emissions offsetting.

For more information please contact:

Minna Tolonen, Environmental and Energy Manager, Gasum
Phone: +358 50 911 2668, firstname.surname(a)

Atte Pekkala, Portfolio Manager, Gasum Energy Market Services
Phone:+358 40 631 0564, firstname.surname(a)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.