Scania Driver Competition in Finland features biogas-fueled tractor units for the first time

This is the first year ever for the Scania Driver Competition in Finland to feature biogas-fueled tractor units. This reflects the fact that low emissions and cleaner fuels are at the core of this year's competition. Gasum sponsors the Finnish tests forming part of the world's biggest competition for heavy-duty vehicle drivers.

Gasum sponsors the Scania Driver Competition in Finland where, for the first time ever, competitors will be driving biogas-fueled vehicle combinations. Using biogas-fueled tractor units in the driver competition not only makes driving cleaner but also showcases the modern gas-fueled vehicle combinations to the participants. The Scania Driver Competition is an international event that is open to all professional drivers.

"This spring, participants to the Scania Driver Competition will be driving two biogas-fueled trucks. Being environmentally friendly is a factor creating rapid renewal in our sector and a driving force in our competition. This is why we wanted to introduce lower-emission vehicles in our competition for the first time," says Driver Training Manager Erno Sirviö from Scania Finland.

Cleaner fuels are a major theme in this year's driver competition. Using biogas can cut the carbon dioxide emissions generated during the fuel life cycle by up to 85% compared with other fuels such as diesel. This year, drivers will also be tested on their skills in more environmentally friendly vehicle operation and will face not only driving tests but also theory components in the competition.

"This year's Scania Driving Competition is proof of the enormous advances made in technology over the past ten years. The participants to the competition will be highly competent drivers, many of whom will have never driven a gas-fueled vehicle before. The competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase the new gas technology to them," Sirviö points out.

"It's an honor to be involved as a sponsor in the Scania Driver Competition. The competition shows how gas is getting more common as a heavy-duty transport fuel and provides a solution for low-emission transport. Gas-fueled tractor units are equal to corresponding diesel-fueled units in terms of their performance and driving comfort and therefore an excellent choice for the driver competition. We wish the participants great success in the coming regional finals," says Jani Arala, Senior Sales Manager, Traffic, from Gasum.

Registration for the Finnish Scania Driver Competition begins on January 7, 2019. The competition culminates in the final taking place at the Transport-Logistics event at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on May 11. The winner will represent Finland at the European final held in Södertälje, Sweden, on May 25. In addition to the place in the final, the winner will get to use a tractor unit from the Scania range.


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