The Voice of Finland winner gets environmentally friendly gas car plus biogas for a year

The winner of The Voice of Finland singing competition starting in January will not only receive the title but also gets to choose an environmentally friendly gas-fueled car to use for a year from the SEAT TGI gas hybrid range running on low-emission and environmentally friendly biogas. The prize also includes a year’s worth of free biogas from Gasum gas filling stations.

Season 8 of the popular singing competition The Voice of Finland kicks off in January on the Finnish TV channel Nelonen. Like last year, SEAT will support the journey of the singing talents and award the season’s winner with a SEAT TGI gas hybrid car. The winner gets to choose a car to drive for a year from the SEAT TGI gas hybrid range. In addition, Gasum will provide the winner a year’s worth of free low-emission biogas from Gasum filling stations around Finland. Gasum hopes that the collaboration with SEAT will increase awareness of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, particularly among families watching the show.

The demand for environmentally friendly fuels has increased in recent years, which can also be seen in the Finnish fleet of gas vehicles: the number of gas vehicles in use on Finnish roads before 2017 was just under 2,000, while the current figure already exceeds 6,000.

At the moment Gasum has a network of 28 gas filling stations in Finland, which will make it easier for this year’s winner of The Voice of Finland to drive to gig venues around the country. Gasum also aims to increase the number of filling stations by dozens of new stations over the next few years. The new gas filling stations will improve access to low-emission fuels.

Renewable and 100% Finnish biogas is produced in accordance with the principles of circular economy from biodegradable waste generated by homes, retail outlets and industry and from municipal sewage sludge. Biogas can be used for purposes such as heat and electricity production and as a transport fuel. Using biogas to fuel road vehicles makes it possible to cut the greenhouse gas emissions generated over the fuel life cycle by up to 85% compared with traditional fossil fuels.

The opening episode of The Voice of Finland is aired on Nelonen on Friday January 4 and the thrilling live broadcasts from Logomo, Turku, start later in the spring.


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