Low-emission energy availability for heavy transport to increase in the Stockholm area - Gasum to open a gas filling station in Arlanda towards the end of the year

The Nordic energy company Gasum will open a gas filling station in Arlanda in the end of 2020. The station is Gasum's first in the Stockholm area. By opening a station offering liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy-duty vehicles, Gasum is responding to its customers' needs to extend the existing station network to yet another key transport hub.

Gasum will further strengthen its gas filling station network in Sweden towards the end of the year by opening a new station in Arlanda, Stockholm. The Arlanda filling station provides liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy-duty vehicles. Following this latest addition, Gasum’s network in Sweden will comprise of 16 filling stations in total.

The Arlanda gas filling station is located at a central heavy transport hub in the immediate vicinity of Arlanda Airport, Arlandastad Shopping Center and the E4 motorway.

In Arlanda, Gasum is cooperating with Arlandastad Holding, the company that manages the Airport City Stockholm.

“We are very pleased to have Gasum, a company that is actively working towards reaching the EU's climate goals, choose us as their partner in Arlandastad. The station encourages companies operating in the region to invest in cleaner transport, which goes hand in hand with our efforts,” says Dieter Sand, CEO of Arlanda Holding.

Arlanda's gas filling station caters to customer needs

As companies continue to seek new environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solutions for transport and logistics, the demand for different fuel options has also clearly increased. With the opening of the new station in the Stockholm area, Gasum caters to the needs of customers by expanding the gas filling station network.

“Gasum and their expansion of new biogas filling stations is a very important part of our conversion to completely fossil free transport. Thanks to the fact that they are opening new gas stations for biogas, such as the future one in Northern Stockholm, we have been able to start the process of switching to biogas trucks and thereby reducing our climate impact,” says Carl Ceder, Logistics Manager, Lidl Sweden

“The gas filling station near the Arlanda airport is a long-awaited addition to our existing network. Many of our customers are now able to increase their investments in gas-powered vehicles, of which Lidl is a good example. The interest in sustainable solutions for transport remains very strong. Liquified gas is a fuel that offers both sustainability and competitiveness,” says Mikael Antonsson, Director of Traffic at Gasum in Sweden.

LNG and LBG are becoming increasingly popular fuel alternatives for heavy-duty vehicles in the Nordic countries. In Sweden, for example, there are already more than 200 LNG trucks in use. As the number of gas-powered heavy-duty vehicles will increase in the future, Gasum aims to expand its network of filling stations to provide the best possible service for its customers.

Picture by: Arlandastad Holding
In picture from left: Christer Wikström, Business Developer Arlandastad Holding, Dieter Sand, CEO Arlandastad Holding, Patrik Hedh, Application manager Gasum, Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic Sweden Gasum


Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic Sweden, Gasum
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