Pizza Hut Finland uses clean renewable biogas to make home deliveries

Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza chain, has begun to use five biogas-fueled vehicles for home deliveries in Finland. With the gas vehicles, the company restarted home deliveries in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Tampere. The company’s desire to cut its environmental burden and the strongly growing network of gas filling stations contributed to the decision.

Pizza Hut Finland is using gas-fueled vehicles introduced during the spring to help lower its carbon footprint. The company’s decision to acquire gas-fueled vehicles for home deliveries was driven by efforts to reduce the burden on the environment. With the SEAT vehicles, the company re-instated its own home deliveries in Finland after a pause of 15 years. The growing network of gas filling stations was instrumental in the acquisition of the new fleet.

“Pizza Hut is the world’s largest and most convenient pizza chain. We want to show our heartfelt appreciation of our customers, our people and of the surrounding society and nature. When we were planning to restart our own home deliveries, it was important for us in particular to use gas vehicles and low-emission biogas as the fuel. A few years ago, however, the network of gas filling stations was not yet wide enough and so we thought about the matter for a bit longer. During the spring of this year, we noticed that the location of existing filling stations is ideal for us and so we got the ball rolling at speed,” says Johan Sirén, Brand Manager, Pizza Hut Finland.

The new gas vehicles have already received positive feedback both from drivers and customers alike. Driving comfort and environmental awareness have reaped plaudits.

“Everyone who has driven gas vehicles has said how easy they are to refuel and how pleasant they are to drive. Our customers have also applauded our choice. Even though our vehicles can also run on gasoline if needed, we intend to drive almost always on biogas,” Sirén adds.

Home deliveries go smoothly by refueling with biogas

“Environmentally-friendly requirements and wishes can be seen everywhere. Focusing on clean fuels is one way we can stand out from our competitors while also responding to the wishes of society and consumers. It is clear that many people would like to see companies take concrete responsibility for the environment. This was exactly our goal with acquiring the gas-fueled vehicles. We hope that with the choice of gas vehicles, the choice will be even more straightforward,” Sirén says.

Biogas is produced from biowaste from households, food waste from retail outlets and municipal sewage sludge among other things in line with circular economy principles. Use of biogas can help to cut greenhouse gas emissions originating over the lifecycle of the fuel by up to 90% compared to the use of conventional fuels, for example. Since use of biogas generates only a fraction of local emissions such as nitrogen oxides and particulates, it is highly important in reducing emissions, especially in urban transport.

“The environmental impacts of different fuels are increasingly being taken into account in corporate motoring. It’s encouraging that when making new investments, companies are prepared to invest in gas because only by trying out new things can we find increasingly better alternatives. Renewable biogas can minimize emissions cost efficiently while responding to the growing wishes of customers to offer environmentally-sustainably produced services and products,” says Heidi Kuoppala, Business Manager, Traffic, Gasum.

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