Completion of Lieto station expansion – passenger cars and delivery vehicles can now refuel with gas

The expansion of Gasum’s filling station in Lieto has now completed. Whereas earlier the station served heavy-duty vehicles, it now provides gas to meet the needs of passenger cars and delivery vehicles. This responds to the growing popularity of gas-powered vehicles in the Turku region and throughout Finland, and significantly strengthens the possibility for light- and medium-duty vehicles to switch to an environmentally friendly choice of fuel.  

The expansion of Gasum’s filling station in Lieto has now completed. Going forward, it will be possible to refuel at the station with liquefied natural gas and liquefied biogas (LNG/LBG) as well as compressed natural and biogas (CNG/CBG). The expansion means that the Lieto station now serves long-haul transport as well as passenger car traffic, light delivery fleet, refuse vehicles and buses.
The expansion supports Gasum’s strategy to develop the road fuel gas market. In addition to updating existing stations, the building of new stations also plays an important role. In 2021 alone, the company has opened new stations across Finland in Järvenpää, Lappeenranta ja Vantaa. In addition, Gasum has announced that it has started construction work on a new gas filling station near the IKEA Finland’s store in Tampere.

Station expansion responds to growing demand for gas in the Turku region

Expansion of the filling station in Lieto means Gasum can respond even better than earlier to the constantly growing demand for low-emission fuels. The steady growth in the number of gas cars means there was a need for the Lieto expansion project. Growth has been particularly strong in the Turku region, where it has exceeded average growth in Finland: over the past year, the number of gas cars has grown by 36% in the region, compared to 32% for the country as a whole.

“Gas cars have clearly found their user base. A gas car is a viable option for people who want low-emission and cost-effective cars. The costs of a gas car are not much different from those of petrol and diesel cars. In addition, driving a gas car puts you in a good frame of mind knowing that you are driving wisely for the environment – this is an important value for many of our customers,” says Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland at Gasum.

Gasum is constantly trying to increase biogas capacity. The company’s goal is to make 4 TWh of biogas available on the market from our own production and that of certified European partners by 2025. Biogas is produced for transport and industry from among other things biowaste from households and shops as well as from industrial side streams.

Drivers can refuel with compressed natural gas and biogas at the gas filling station at Eteläkaari 1 in Lieto. Other gas filling stations besides the one in Lieto serving customers in the Turku region are at Turku Harbour (Tuontiväylä 2) and in Raisio (Itäniityntie 15, IKEA Finland’s store).

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