First gas filling station in Järvenpää opened to strengthen the gas filling station network in Southern Finland

Gasum has opened its newest gas filling station in Järvenpää, at Diggarinkatu 8 A, in the Boogie business district near the Lahti motorway. The filling station serves passenger cars and medium-duty transport vehicles in the area with compressed biogas and natural gas. The growing popularity of environmentally friendly motive power promotes the environmental goals of both the City of Järvenpää and businesses in the area.

The first gas filling station in Järvenpää further strengthens the network of filling stations in Southern Finland. Located in the proximity of the Lahti motorway, the station serves both passing and local traffic in the area and supports the existing network of stations in the neighboring areas of Hyvinkää, Riihimäki and Porvoo. The station serves customers with biogas and natural gas, which are suitable for passenger cars and light delivery fleets, such as vans and refuse collection vehicles.

The new station will enable increasingly more residents of Järvenpää and entrepreneurs in the area to refuel with user-friendly and environmentally friendly fuel, which can help to significantly reduce traffic emissions. Also, Savon Kuljetus Oy, which has expanded its operations to the Greater Helsinki Area, has chosen new vehicles fueled by compressed biogas to reduce environmental loading.

“The new station in Järvenpää well supports our strategy of switching over to a fleet running on gas. We want to be a leader in clean traffic and are committed to using only biogas in our new delivery vehicles. By March, we will have 10 biogas-fueled delivery vehicles operating in Southern Finland, which means that adding to the number of gas filling stations in the region is especially good news,” says Kimmo Pekonen, Business Director at Savon Kuljetus.

Popularity of gas continues to grow

Recent years have seen rapid growth in the popularity of gas in Finland. The Finnish Government has set the target of 50,000 gas vehicles on Finland’s roads by 2030, but the rapid increase in gas-fueled vehicles suggests this target will be met ahead of time. The expanding network of gas filling stations is creating more and more possibilities to switch to environmentally friendly fuel alternatives.

”A wide range of means and efforts are needed to reduce traffic emissions. Biogas is an important addition to more environmentally friendly mobility choices in Järvenpää and supports the city’s ambitions to reduce emissions,” says Eira Linko, Planning Officer at the City of Järvenpää.

”The arrival of the gas filling station is a good opportunity for local companies to think about their own environmental loading. Companies could, for example, start using vehicles fueled by renewable biogas,” adds Susanna Aramo, Business Service Manager at the City of Järvenpää.

The number of gas vehicles on Finnish roads is expected to grow significantly in coming years. This growth is being accelerated not only by the availability of gas, but also by more choices of gas vehicles and government support for the purchase of new gas vehicles. Financial support for the purchase of gas-fueled trucks and the scrapping bonus for cars entered into force last December. These support models aim to encourage private motorists and companies to switch to low-emission fuels.

”The role of gas in reducing emissions in Finnish road traffic has been taken into account in national goals and also the road map for fossil-free transport widely mentioned measures to increase the number of gas vehicles. New gas filling stations, greater choice of makes of gas car, a cost-efficient and low-emission fuel together with the measures proposed in the road map will allow us to significantly reduce emissions in transport. With more and more people and businesses making the switch to environmentally friendly vehicles, common climate goals are easily achievable,” says Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland.

The building of the LNG filling station in Lieto was co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

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