Nordic gas filling station network is integrating – Eurowag Cards accepted at Gasum’s stations

Gasum’s gas filling station network will be available also for Central European customers, enabling cross-border corridors for gas haulage. Mobility service provider Eurowag’s customers are to have easy access to filling stations in Finland and Sweden.

Gasum and Eurowag have agreed on cooperation that extends the network of LNG and CNG filling stations for Eurowag Card holders to Finland and Sweden. Currently, the Eurowag Card is accepted at around 120 LNG and 110 CNG filling stations all over Europe.

Answering to the increasing demand for clean and affordable road fuel gas, Gasum’s expanding Nordic network currently consists of around 100 gas filling stations – including LNG stations for heavy-duty vehicles – in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Already, several thousands of LNG-powered trucks are in operation in Europe, with numbers expected to increase steadily.

“We are happy to offer further possibilities for a major player in Central Europe by accepting Eurowag Cards at Gasum’s gas filing stations. This is part of the development of the gas vehicle market and supports our target of connecting the Nordic and Central European markets and enabling low emission logistics for international players in the Nordics,” says Gasum’s Juho Kurra, Business Development Manager, Traffic.

“We are proud that with our cooperation with Gasum we have expanded our LNG and CNG network for our customers and opened the possibility for them to refuel LNG and CNG also in Sweden and Finland. We believe that this cooperation will also help further transportation companies in their decision to start their journey towards clean and cost-efficient transportation,”  says Jan Laluch, Product Owner for Alternative Fuels in Eurowag.

From now on, Eurowag Cards will be accepted at all Gasum’s LNG filling stations and selected CNG stations in Finland and Sweden. The locations of stations in each operating country are listed on the companies’ websites.

For more information, please contact

Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland, Gasum
tel. +358 50 392 6477, firstname.surname(a)

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