First gas filling station opened in Sipoo to serve in particular the logistics hub in the area

The energy company Gasum has expanded its gas filling station network into Sipoo. The first station in Sipoo has now opened in the Bastukärr Logistics Park and provides compressed gas for heavy-duty vehicles and for the needs of light transport equipment and passenger cars. The station opened on June 2, 2022 at Keuksuontie 4, Sipoo, in Finland.

The new gas filling station recently opened in Bastukärr Logistics Park will particularly improve the possibilities for logistics operators and heavy-duty transport in the area to reduce their emissions and fuel costs with the help of gas. The station is situated at the intersection of Kervantie and Keuksuonti roads near the entrance to the Bastukärr site. The park is one of Finland’s largest logistics hubs and thousands of heavy-duty vehicle combinations pass through the park each week. The new station will give increasingly more transport companies serving logistics in the Finnish grocery trade a chance to switch to using road transport gas in their deliveries.

”The opening of a new station in in the Bastukärr Logistics Park is a natural continuation of the growing recognition of the benefits of gas among logistics operators. We are enabling more and more companies to switch to gas-powered vehicles and are constantly examining potential sites for new filling stations. Ensuring the convenient location of stations for our customers makes it increasingly easier to switch to cleaner logistics,” says Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland at Gasum.

Gas leads to lower transport emissions

One of the biggest actors in Bastukärr Logistics Park is Inex Partners Oy, which is responsible for the provision of warehousing and transportation services for the grocery and consumer goods chain of the S Group. The company’s logistics centers in Bastukärr are part of a network covering the whole of Finland through which products are delivered to S Group stores. Around 1,000 vehicles of different sizes visit the logistics centers each day.

Inex aims to reduce its transportation emissions by 20 percent by 2025. To achieve this goal, one of the measures in transportation is increase the amount of alternative and renewable fuels such as biogas. Biogas made from recycled fractions also strengthens the company’s role as a circular economy actor and an enabler of the circular economy in the S Group.

”The S Group’s responsibility program commits us to Finland’s ambitious emissions goals. The Bastukärr gas filling station will have an important role in helping us to reach these goals. Its excellent location means that we will be able to increasingly take advantage of environmentally friendly in the S Group’s transportations. The benefits are considerable, since while lowering emissions in Finnish road traffic, we are also lowering the overall carbon footprint of the products ending up on the shelves,” says Jouni Jaakola, head of production at Inex Logistics.

Transportation companies have a key role in cutting road traffic emissions in Finland since distances are considerably longer and emissions much greater compared to passenger cars. Biogas accounts for more than 95 percent of the road vehicle gas sold by Gasum for all vehicle segments. The life cycle emissions of biogas are up to 90 percent lower compared to traditional fossil fuels.

The new Gasum's gas filling station is at Keuksuontie 4, Sipoo in Finland. Information about our gas filling stations can be found using the Driver App and on the filling station map on our website.

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