New gas filling station in Kivistö, Vantaa in response to growing demand for road fuel gas

The energy company Gasum is to build a road fuel gas filling station in Kivistö, Vantaa next to the Hämeenlinnanväylä highway. The new filling station will serve all gas-powered vehicle segments. Construction work on the filling station will start in April 2022 and the station is expected to open in late summer 2022.

The number of gas-powered trucks continues to grow, with demand growth particularly strong in the Helsinki Region. In response to growing demand, Gasum is strengthening its network of filling stations in the Helsinki Region by building a filling station next to the Hämeenlinnanväylä highway (E12) at Kivistö, Vantaa. The station will be in a prime location and easily accessible from main logistics routes. In addition to heavy-duty transport, the station will also serve passenger car customers.

”The K Group and Onninen, which is part of it, aim to be carbon neutral in 2025. We are systematically reducing emissions so that our operations and transports are emission free by 2030. Use of biogas in Onninen’s transport is a step towards reaching that goal. The station to be built in Kivistö is well placed for our operations and will be an excellent addition to the biogas filling station network,” says Simo Halkosaari, Logistics Director, Building and Technical Trade, Finland, at Kesko.

The filling station at Kivistö in Vantaa will allow refueling with liquefied and compressed road traffic gas. The station will serve all gas-fueled vehicle segments from passenger cars to delivery transport and medium-duty vehicles to long-haul transport. The new station will have two liquefied gas dispensers, one compressed gas dispenser intended for passenger cars and one compressed gas dispenser intended for heavy-duty vehicles.

Biogas is a widely recognized solution to effectively reduce transport emissions. Renewable biogas can lead to an emissions reduction of up to 90% compared to fossil alternatives and its use as a driving force in transport is a fine example of a well-functioning circular economy. The expanding filling station network makes this excellent alternative fuel available to more and more businesses and consumers. This year, we will open a total of four new stations distributing liquefied biogas in various parts of Finland. This is tremendous growth in a short time,” says Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland, at Gasum.

Besides the new gas filling station in Kivistö, Vantaa, Gasum has opened filling in stations in Hämeenlinna and Kotka. As well as this, construction work is under way on filling stations in Pirkkala and Sipoo. Gasum has around 100 gas filling stations in the Nordic countries, with more than 30 of these stations distributing liquefied gas serving heavy-duty, long-haul transport in the Nordics. Compressed gas filling stations provide a solution to heavier distribution traffic, buses, refuse trucks and passenger cars. Gasum produces biogas in 17 plants in Finland and Sweden, and also sources it from its Nordic and European partners. The company is one of the largest biogas producers in the Nordic countries. Gasum will make 4 TWh of biogas available on the Nordic market by 2024.

The new station will be at Vantaankoskentie 60, Vantaa.

The EU’s Connecting Europe Facility has supported the construction of the LNG filling station in Kivistö, Vantaa.

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