Unique gas filling station opens in Kivistö, Vantaa – the prominent art at the filling station adds new interest to the station environment

The energy company Gasum opens a unique gas filling station in the Kivistö district of Vantaa. The Kivistö station offers liquefied and compressed gas for the needs of heavy- and light-duty transport vehicles and passenger cars as well as a unique art experience for gas drivers. The station’s visual image has been created in cooperation with LAB University of Applied Sciences and visual artist Katja Tsykarev. The station opens today at Vantaankoskentie 60, Vantaa and is the fifth gas filling station in Vantaa.  

The Kivistö station in Vantaa is at a busy traffic hub at the intersection of Hämeenlinnanväylä (Highway 3), Vantaankoskentie and Tikkurilantie. The new station will allow more and more logistics companies serving the Finnish trade to switch to using gas.

”It’s great to open a completely unique gas filling station in Kivistö and in such a prime location. We have worked closely with the City of Vantaa and LAB University of Applied Sciences. The unique visual image created by Katja Tsykarev for our gas filling station gives those using it an art experience when refueling. I believe this artistic station and its convenient location will generate particular interest. We make it increasingly easier for our customers to switch to cleaner logistics by ensuring the convenient location of stations,” says Olli Paasio, Head of Industry and Traffic Business in Finland at Gasum .

”It has been interesting to be allowed to create such a superb art project. My work was chosen from a number of works created in a separate LAB education program. It felt great to be able to create a completely unique artwork for such large elements at the gas filling station. My work was inspired by the heavy-duty road traffic refueling at Gasum’s filling station. My work was based on the elevation differences in topographical maps, as well as the light form of gas, its diversity and eco-friendliness,” says Katja Tsykarev, who graduated as a visual artist from LAB University of Applied Sciences during the project.

Use of gas in road transportation is a cost-effective solution for heavy-duty vehicles, and it allows transport companies to reduce their emissions already today. Logistics and transport companies play a key role in cutting road traffic emissions in Finland. They operate long distances and consume significant amount of energy compared to smaller vehicle segments. Biogas accounts for more than 95% of the road traffic gas sold by Gasum to all vehicle segments. The lifecycle emissions of biogas are as much as 90% less than traditional fossil fuels.

The gas filling station is located at Vantaankoskentie 60, Vantaa. You can find information about our filling stations with the Gasum Driver App and on the filling station map on our website.

The EU’s Connecting Europe Facility supported the construction of the LNG filling station in Vantaa, Kivistö. 

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Olli Paasio, Director, Head of Business Finland, Industry and Traffic Unit, Gasum
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