Gasum strengthens presence in the Netherlands through registration

The Gasum Group is cementing its presence in the ARA region by registering for business in the Netherlands. LNG and LBG uptake is expected to increase significantly in the European maritime segment in coming years as new emissions regulations are introduced.

The Gasum Group’s Swedish entity Gasum AB has been entered into the Dutch trade register in February 2023. While Gasum has been active in the region for some time now, being registered as a legal entity in the Netherlands opens up new opportunities for the future in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) maritime market.

“LNG-usage in maritime transport will increase significantly in the near future. Upcoming EU emissions regulations are expected to increase interest and uptake of lower emission alternatives, of which LNG is currently the most viable. The continental Northwest Europe region is a huge emerging market and Gasum is well positioned as an experienced player to take a significant piece of it”, states Jacob Granqvist, Vice President, Maritime at Gasum.

Liquefied biogas to cut emissions further

Expanding maritime LNG operations in the Northwest Europe region is part of Gasum’s strategy. For Gasum, LNG is an important enabler on the pathway to decarbonizing transportation both on sea as well as on land.

Another important strategic focus area for the Gasum Group is increasing availability of biogas, including its liquefied form LBG or bio-LNG, which can be used directly instead of or mixed in with LNG. LBG can cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90% compared to fossil fuels, when it its produced from waste streams. Gasum’s goal is to increase biogas availability on the market significantly in the next five years.

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