Webinar: How to be successful in managing risk in the volatile energy market

Risk management has shown its importance and value in the volatile and sensitive market. If you have operations with high electricity exposure, you need a partner who can correctly manage risks and offer the right solutions and support.

Watch our webinar recording where Henrik Skouen, portfolio manager at Gasum, walks you through how to set up an efficient and sustainable electricity procurement strategy, what can be done and how to proceed. Jouni Liimatta, Gasum’s Head of Trading presents the hedging possibilities and products Gasum offers and why having an agile and solid counterparty is now more important than ever.

The following topics are also covered in the webinar:

  • The importance of risk management in a volatile electricity market
  • What can be done in order to manage risk and what your next steps can be
  • Advisory / discretionary portfolio management
  • Hedging levels and risk policies
  • Gasum as you counterparty and hedging products

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