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What does CNG mean? What about CBG?

Gas-related abbreviations can be a bit confusing. Here’s our quick guide to Gasum gas products for transport.

LNG = liquefied natural gas

LBG = liquefied biogas

CNG = compressed natural gas

CBG = compressed biogas

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If you refuel in Finland, your company can easily and conveniently apply for a GasCard charge card on our website. Read the application form and valid card terms and conditions on our website.

Gas – an environmentally friendly option for your commercial vehicles and company cars

Cleaner fuel solutions are a prerequisite for tackling today's climate challenges. Options for gas-powered vehicles are widely available for a variety of uses. They also come in a variety of sizes from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. In the Nordic countries, we offer companies both compressed natural gas (CNG) and compressed biogas (CBG) as fuel.

Using gas to fuel your vehicles helps minimize your business’s driving emissions. At the same time, it makes you stand out positively among your competitors – clean fuel solutions provide you with a competitive advantage.

Popular automotive companies manufacture gas-powered vehicles suitable for many business activities, such as:

  • company cars

  • taxi companies

  • maintenance and installation companies

  • driving schools

  • courier companies

  • restaurants for home delivery

  • cities and municipalities, for example home care

We also offer fuel solutions for heavy-duty transport.

Read more about liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG).

Three clear upsides for selecting gas as your fuel of choice

Compressed natural gas – referred to as CNG, natural gas or gas – and biogas (CBG) are fuels that can be used in place of gasoline or diesel.

1. Significant emission reductions

We offer companies both compressed natural gas (CNG) and compressed biogas (CBG) as fuel. The use of natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the fuel life cycle by up to 20 percent. Gas-powered vehicles can also switch to fully renewable biogas without significant further investments. With biogas, greenhouse gas emissions are up to 90 percent lower.

The use of gas also generates only a fraction of local emissions, such as nitrogen oxides and particulates, compared to conventional fuels. This in turn improves air quality in urban surroundings.

2. Stable prices

Gas pricing is stable, making your vehicle costs predictable. Aside from enabling business owners to take advantage of the price stability and cost competitiveness of gas, using a renewable fuel is a concrete way to put responsible company values into practice and meet the expectations of consumers who are growing increasingly conscious.

3. Extensive gas filling station network

In addition to competitive pricing and friendliness to the environment, carefree and easy use is important when a company is considering switching to gas. As the Nordic countries already have a comprehensive network of gas filling stations, which Gasum is building together with other players, switching to gas is effortless.

Biogas is a 100% renewable fuel

Gasum owns biogas plants in Finland and Sweden and buys biogas from partner plants. This ensures the guaranteed availability of biogas in the Nordics. Biogas production uses biodegradable waste from households, agriculture and industries such as manure, inedible food waste, damaged crops or wastewater.

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Biogas vehicles help Nokia to reduce emissions

Nokia and Gasum are cooperating for mutual advantage: Nokia’s biowaste is taken to a biogas plant, and growing numbers of Nokia employees can fill up their company cars with biogas. For Nokia, this cooperation is one way of striving to reach environmental targets.