Gas transmission network in Finland


Gasum owns the Finnish natural gas transmission pipeline network and is responsible for gas transmission to customers. Natural gas imported from Russia and biogas from Finnish biogas plants is injected into the pipeline network.

Natural gas sourcing

Finland does not have any native natural gas reserves and all of the natural gas used in Finland is sourced under long-term supply contracts from Russia. The natural gas is transmitted from Russia to Finland via the gas pipeline network. The Western Siberian gas fields are located around 3,300 km from the Finnish-Russian border.

Natural gas is transmitted across the border in two transmission pipelines. The fact that there are two transmission pipelines helps ensure security of supply also during any pipeline damage. The quantity of the imported natural gas is measured and its quality inspected at the Imatra reception station. From the reception station, the natural gas is transmitted to customers via the transmission and distribution pipeline network. 

Transmission network also used for biogas

In addition to natural gas, renewable biogas from four different Finnish biogas plants is also injected into the gas transmission network.

Take a look at the gas transmission pipeline network infrastructure