Biogas as part of the circular economy


We have a simple aim: we want to look after the environment and produce local renewable energy for our customers.

To produce biogas we need biodegradable feedstocks: inedible biowaste from shops, commercial garden waste as well as many other types of biodegradable fractions such as spent grains from beer brewing. We take these biodegradable feedstocks to our nearest biogas plant where biogas is produced from them. Upgraded biogas is composed of odorless methane that is lighter than air – in other words, clean environmentally friendly energy.

Nutrient residues from biogas production are utilized as fertilizers in fields. Using recycled fertilizers reduces the need to use conventional artificial fertilizers.

Ingenious, don’t you think? Mind you, we did not invent this ourselves – we simply learned from natural cycles.

Food waste from K-food stores provides energy for the manufacture of new own-brand Pirkka products for the Kesko Group in Finland.

Biogas is produced in local biogas plants

Gasum biogas has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel and Gasum road fuel biogas also the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol.

Biogas distribution is convenient via the existing gas pipeline network. Biogas can also be transported in containers all around Finland.

Biogas is used as a gas vehicle fuel, energy for product manufacture, in heat and power production as well as in restaurants and homes.