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Circular economy

Biogas production and use are a part of the circular economy. When waste is used as feedstock for biogas, it stops being waste and becomes a resource for a 100% renewable fuel. Anyone can join the biogas cycle; municipalities, big industries and even your private household, and help shift the world from a linear to a circular economy, reducing CO2-emissions and helping to reach sustainability goals.

Three ways to join the biogas cycle

1. You can be a part of the biogas circular economy by providing feedstock; biodegradable waste such as inedible food waste, manure, damaged crops or wastewater.

2. You can use biogas as a fuel in industriestrucks, cars, maritime and other applications.

3. You can use the recycled, sustainable nutrients from the biogas production in liquid or dry form. Either as fertilizers in fields nearby our biogas plants, or in industrial processes. Nothing goes to waste in the biogas circular economy.

Gasum is a leading biogas producer

We are one of the few companies who can offer biogas production and biogas availability on an industrial level in the Nordics. We are continuously investing in new biogas plants and setting new standards for operations.

Our goal is to bring 7 terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable gas to the market by 2027. We can ensure local availability, as well as offer a bridge between LNG and LBG, to help you take the necessary steps towards carbon neutrality.

We can help you become more competitive

Partnering with us will help you increase the efficiency of your resource utilization and reduce CO2-emissions. But that is not all, we always strive for more cost-efficient biogas production and maximized recycling rate of all resources used as feedstock. We have several business cases where we have successfully planned and implemented a biogas circular economy into our municipal and industrial partner’s operations.

Contact us for more information on how you can join the biogas cycle.