Gasum LNG terminal in Pori

Tahkoluodon satama Portti TA7
FI-28900 Pori

Based on the decision on the 16th of March 2018 by the Finnish Energy Authorities Gasum offers terminal services from the Pori terminal to third party users. The first capacity allocation process started on the 3rd of April 2018 and is published on Gasum web pages.

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Gasum LNG terminal in Pori


The Gasum LNG terminal in Pori is the first liquefied natural gas terminal in Finland. LNG deliveries to industrial customers are made through a local connecting pipeline, by sea in tanker ships or by truck. Ships can bunker LNG by bunker vessel at the terminal or by ship-to-ship.

Terminal equipment

The Gasum terminal area includes an LNG tank (height 35 m, outer diameter 42 m), loading docks, process units (compressor and vaporizers), flare torch (height less than 50 m), three loading docks for road tankers, a transformer building, and a heat production unit. There is a natural gas pipeline that connects the terminal to the local Industrial Park. 

The terminal's LNG storage capacity is 28500 m3.