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In 2022, Gasum continued to take determined steps towards a cleaner tomorrow. Read more about our reports.

Financial Result 2022

Green Funding Impact report 2022

Sustainability report 2022


Gasum Code of Conduct

Gasum Code of Conduct describes our responsible business practices and ways of working with our customers and stakeholders, and together as an organization.

Code of Conduct

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Report Misconduct,
Whistleblowing -channel

All stakeholders play a crucial role in maintaining the Gasum standards of integrity. One of the most important contributions is to report knowledge or suspicion of any unethical behaviour. Gasum Report Misconduct channel is operated by independently and submitting a report is fully confidential and if desired the submitter may remain anonymous.

Whistleblowing -channel

Gasum in brief

Gasum is a Nordic energy company. We are an expert in the Nordic gas sector and energy markets. Together with our partners, we are taking important steps towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

We provide cleaner energy for industrial as well as road and maritime transport needs. Our aim is low-emission mobility of people and goods.

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We help our business customers in the energy market – we want to make operating in the energy market easy for them. Our experts take care of electricity sales, sourcing and production for our customers throughout the market chain.

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We are the leading player in the Nordic countries

We are the leading producer of biogas and processor of biodegradable waste fractions in the Nordic countries. In line with our strategy, we invest strongly in the circular economy by producing biogas and recycled nutrients from a variety of waste streams in Finland and Sweden.

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We are making sustained efforts to build the Nordic gas filling station network serving heavy-duty vehicles in particular.

We import natural gas to Finland and are the biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) distributor in the Nordic countries. LNG use does not result in any sulfur oxide emissions and it also meets the strictest emission targets set for nitrogen oxide, particulate and carbon dioxide emissions. LNG can be used in transport as well as in many industrial processes to cut down emissions.

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Sustainability is important to us

Sustainability plays a very important role at Gasum and is part of our strategy. We take economic, social and environmental sustainability into account in everything we do.

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The Gasum Group has around 330 employees in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Gasum is fully (100%) owned by the State of Finland.

The Gasum Group’s revenue totaled €2,722.5 million in 2022.

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Sponsorship and cooperation

Through sponsorship and collaboration projects, we want to be involved in enabling experiences for all of us. We work with science, arts and sports organizations that fit our values ​​and goals.