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Involved in creating conditions and experiences

“Through sponsorship and cooperation, we want to promote the exercise of children and young people, Finnish and international talents on both the athletics and cultural front and to enable experiences for us all.”

Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications and Sustainability, Gasum

Sponsorship and cooperation

We work with science, arts and sports organizations who are aligned with our values and who support us in building our corporate image and reaching our business goals. 

Gasum’s sponsorship aims to strengthen corporate image, support marketing and business goals, and social responsibility. Sponsorship takes place through one or more selected partners. We focus on multi-year cooperation agreements that match Gasum’s image. 

Gasum does not give money to individual applicants, such as athletes, sports clubs, associations or events.

Our objects of sponsorship and cooperation in 2022 are:

  • Finnish Olympic Committee’s Tähtiseura clubs

  • Savonlinna Opera Festival


Finnish Olympic Committee and Tähtiseura clubs

Gasum promotes the exercise of children and young people through the sports activities of the Finnish Olympic Committee’s Tähtiseura clubs. We support sports clubs through 15 incentive awards, one of which is the Tähtiseura of the Year award worth €5,000.

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Gasum is involved in supporting the Savonlinna Opera Festival and the Young Opera Stars in the cooperation program. Among other things, the program supports the internationalization of the skills and talent of young opera singers.


Gasum is involved in helping children in need through UNICEF. UNICEF operates around the world to help the most vulnerable children and families by providing them with the immediate support they need to in emergencies and beyond.

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Involved in supporting the physical activity of young people

Gasum has supported the club activities of children and young people in cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee since 2016. The Tähtiseura awards aim to help the pursuit of exercise and sports and to raise the profile of the important work done by the clubs.

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A shared cultural interest

“The unique nature of the Savonlinna region and the clean waters of Lake Saimaa are an inseparable part of the Savonlinna Opera Festival and Olavininna Castle. This is why it’s important that we can work together for a cleaner environment. Gasum’s support has enabled top-quality experiences for Finnish opera goers in the company of Finland’s most promising young soloists.”

Jan Strandholm, General Director, Opera Festival 

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